How to choose a Puppy

Finding a Puppy or dog. by Dr. C. Stuart

puppa“I want a PUPPY!” “I need a Puppy!” “Boy, I really would like to get a puppy.” “Maybe it is time to get a puppy.” Well, we promised little Susie we’d get a puppy.” “Awww aren’t they cute, we should get a puppy.” “Mom, can we get a puppy?” “Look at that cute dog on TV, I want one just like that.”

318102_213092352138211_100003123426411_368924_2139960326_nAll or any of these phrases will slip though your mind or into your ears from time to time. You begin to daydream about having a sleek Weimaraner to go jogging with you. You picture a beautiful Collie snuggling with your child. You picture a robust Labrador Retriever bounding across the field and into the pond chasing the Frisbee. You think about a little Dachshund snuggling on your lap while you relax in front of the TV in the evenings. You decide that living in fear is no fun and want a well trained German Shepherd to protect your home and children. You have visions of running into the winners circle, holding your Best in Show ribbon high. You see your gorgeous Border Collie zipping through the agility course, everyone clapping for you and the dog.
pbgvAll these daydreams are good. You have wonderful thoughts about what your life with a dog could be like. Companionship, a partner, a protector, a helper, someone to love and who will love you back.

If you are a competitor in the dog sports you will probably have thoughts of a purebred, though mixed breeds can compete in certain events. If you have seen the advertisements for shelter or rescue dogs you may consider adopting a mixed breed. You may be thinking “PUPPY” or maybe would take a young adult or even a nice senior dog.